How It Works

1. A professor requests to use a business simulation in a class and contacts ASD Business Simulations. Afterwards, the professor fills in a registration form and sends it via Web. 

2. A simulation group is created and user names and initial passwords are assigned. 

3. Students register via Web and have access to initial reports

4. Students enter their decisions on the Web as teams. Instructions are provided.

5. ASD processes the decisions and uploads reports to the Web. Brief feedback is provided

6. A professorís report with weekly and accumulated team performance evaluation is also uploaded to the Web.

7. Steps 4 to 6 are repeated every week for up to 12 weeks.

The payment for services is made at the beginning of the simulation, either by the university or the participating students. The cost is $25.00 per student, with a discount for groups with more than 40 students. Payment options include check, credit card, wire tranfer or money order.

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